Liver G


Therapeutic Use:

This Syrup restores the function of the liver by protecting the hepatic parenchyma and promoting hepatocellular regeneration. It helps in the removal of acetaldehyde produced and protects from alcohol-induced liver damage. It also improves the appetite and promotes weight gain by normalizing the basic appetite-satiety rhythm.

Key Point:

  • Help you to rejuvenate your liver.
  • Purify the bloodstream.
  • It cleanses the colon.
  • It increases your energy levels by cleaning out all of your body’s toxins.
  • Make your skin glow, improve joint health, and make your hair shiny.
  • Beneficial in all types of liver diseases and jaundice.




Category :- Syrup

SKU:- 200mL

Dosage :- 5mL, 2 times a day


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