Initial Medical Assessment

During the consultation with a rehabilitation doctor, we will ask you about all the relevant information concerning your injury or health condition and discuss your options. We may also need to see your medical records incl. your X-rays or MRI.


Rehabilitation Program

Our medical doctor together with the physiotherapist will create an individual treatment plan composing of multiple regular video sessions.


Exercise And Learn

We will teach you all the exercises and make sure you do them properly. At the end of the program, you get a report on the course of the rehabilitation and further recommendations.

Benefits Of Online Counselling For Physiotherapy

Time and money

Online sessions are much faster and more flexible, so you don’t need to take time off work, or spend on travel.

Our compassionate approach

We’re friendly, patient, helpful and understanding every step of the way.

No waiting list

You receive treatment when you need it rather than waiting for weeks or months on end.

Continuity of Care with Geographic Reach

ou can access leading physiotherapy specialists in your area of injury from wherever you are in the country, or world!

What are you waiting for ?